.\" Automatically generated by Pod::Man v1.37, Pod::Parser v1.32 .\" .\" Standard preamble: .\" ======================================================================== .de Sh \" Subsection heading .br .if t .Sp .ne 5 .PP \fB\\$1\fR .PP .. .de Sp \" Vertical space (when we can't use .PP) .if t .sp .5v .if n .sp .. .de Vb \" Begin verbatim text .ft CW .nf .ne \\$1 .. .de Ve \" End verbatim text .ft R .fi .. .\" Set up some character translations and predefined strings. \*(-- will .\" give an unbreakable dash, \*(PI will give pi, \*(L" will give a left .\" double quote, and \*(R" will give a right double quote. | will give a .\" real vertical bar. \*(C+ will give a nicer C++. Capital omega is used to .\" do unbreakable dashes and therefore won't be available. \*(C` and \*(C' .\" expand to `' in nroff, nothing in troff, for use with C<>. .tr \(*W-|\(bv\*(Tr .ds C+ C\v'-.1v'\h'-1p'\s-2+\h'-1p'+\s0\v'.1v'\h'-1p' .ie n \{\ . ds -- \(*W- . ds PI pi . if (\n(.H=4u)&(1m=24u) .ds -- \(*W\h'-12u'\(*W\h'-12u'-\" diablo 10 pitch . if (\n(.H=4u)&(1m=20u) .ds -- \(*W\h'-12u'\(*W\h'-8u'-\" diablo 12 pitch . ds L" "" . ds R" "" . ds C` "" . ds C' "" 'br\} .el\{\ . ds -- \|\(em\| . ds PI \(*p . ds L" `` . ds R" '' 'br\} .\" .\" If the F register is turned on, we'll generate index entries on stderr for .\" titles (.TH), headers (.SH), subsections (.Sh), items (.Ip), and index .\" entries marked with X<> in POD. Of course, you'll have to process the .\" output yourself in some meaningful fashion. .if \nF \{\ . de IX . tm Index:\\$1\t\\n%\t"\\$2" .. . nr % 0 . rr F .\} .\" .\" For nroff, turn off justification. Always turn off hyphenation; it makes .\" way too many mistakes in technical documents. .hy 0 .if n .na .\" .\" Accent mark definitions (@(#)ms.acc 1.5 88/02/08 SMI; from UCB 4.2). .\" Fear. Run. Save yourself. No user-serviceable parts. . \" fudge factors for nroff and troff .if n \{\ . ds #H 0 . ds #V .8m . ds #F .3m . ds #[ \f1 . ds #] \fP .\} .if t \{\ . ds #H ((1u-(\\\\n(.fu%2u))*.13m) . ds #V .6m . ds #F 0 . ds #[ \& . ds #] \& .\} . \" simple accents for nroff and troff .if n \{\ . ds ' \& . ds ` \& . ds ^ \& . ds , \& . ds ~ ~ . ds / .\} .if t \{\ . ds ' \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H)'\'\h"|\\n:u" . ds ` \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H)'\`\h'|\\n:u' . ds ^ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*10/11-\*(#H)'^\h'|\\n:u' . ds , \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10)',\h'|\\n:u' . ds ~ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu-\*(#H-.1m)'~\h'|\\n:u' . ds / \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H)'\z\(sl\h'|\\n:u' .\} . \" troff and (daisy-wheel) nroff accents .ds : \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H+.1m+\*(#F)'\v'-\*(#V'\z.\h'.2m+\*(#F'.\h'|\\n:u'\v'\*(#V' .ds 8 \h'\*(#H'\(*b\h'-\*(#H' .ds o \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu+\w'\(de'u-\*(#H)/2u'\v'-.3n'\*(#[\z\(de\v'.3n'\h'|\\n:u'\*(#] .ds d- \h'\*(#H'\(pd\h'-\w'~'u'\v'-.25m'\f2\(hy\fP\v'.25m'\h'-\*(#H' .ds D- D\\k:\h'-\w'D'u'\v'-.11m'\z\(hy\v'.11m'\h'|\\n:u' .ds th \*(#[\v'.3m'\s+1I\s-1\v'-.3m'\h'-(\w'I'u*2/3)'\s-1o\s+1\*(#] .ds Th \*(#[\s+2I\s-2\h'-\w'I'u*3/5'\v'-.3m'o\v'.3m'\*(#] .ds ae a\h'-(\w'a'u*4/10)'e .ds Ae A\h'-(\w'A'u*4/10)'E . \" corrections for vroff .if v .ds ~ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*9/10-\*(#H)'\s-2\u~\d\s+2\h'|\\n:u' .if v .ds ^ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*10/11-\*(#H)'\v'-.4m'^\v'.4m'\h'|\\n:u' . \" for low resolution devices (crt and lpr) .if \n(.H>23 .if \n(.V>19 \ \{\ . ds : e . ds 8 ss . ds o a . ds d- d\h'-1'\(ga . ds D- D\h'-1'\(hy . ds th \o'bp' . ds Th \o'LP' . ds ae ae . ds Ae AE .\} .rm #[ #] #H #V #F C .\" ======================================================================== .\" .IX Title "Plain 3" .TH Plain 3 "2006-07-30" "perl v5.8.8" "User Contributed Perl Documentation" .SH "NAME" Filesys::Virtual::Plain \- A Plain virtual filesystem .SH "SYNOPSIS" .IX Header "SYNOPSIS" .Vb 1 \& use Filesys::Virtual::Plain; .Ve .PP .Vb 1 \& my $fs = Filesys::Virtual::Plain->new(); .Ve .PP .Vb 1 \& $fs->login('xantus', 'supersekret'); .Ve .PP .Vb 1 \& print foreach ($fs->list('/')); .Ve .SH "DESCRIPTION" .IX Header "DESCRIPTION" This module is used by other modules to provide a pluggable filesystem. .SH "CONSTRUCTOR" .IX Header "CONSTRUCTOR" .Sh "\fInew()\fP" .IX Subsection "new()" You can pass the initial cwd, root_path, and home_path as a hash. .SH "METHODS" .IX Header "METHODS" .ie n .Sh "login($username, $password\fP, \f(CW$become)" .el .Sh "login($username, \f(CW$password\fP, \f(CW$become\fP)" .IX Subsection "login($username, $password, $become)" Logs in a user. Returns 0 on failure. If \f(CW$username\fR is 'anonymous' then it will try to login as 'ftp' with no password. If \f(CW$become\fR is defined then it will try to change ownership of the process to the uid/gid of the logged in user. \s-1BEWARE\s0 of the consequences of using \f(CW$become\fR. \fIlogin()\fR also sets the uid, gid, home, gids, home_path, and chdir to the users'. .Sh "cwd" .IX Subsection "cwd" Gets or sets the current directory, assumes / if blank. This is used in conjunction with the root_path for file operations. No actual change directory takes place. .Sh "root_path($path)" .IX Subsection "root_path($path)" Get or set the root path. All file paths are off this and cwd For example: .PP .Vb 3 \& $self->root_path('/home/ftp'); \& $self->cwd('/test'); \& $self->size('testfile.txt'); .Ve .PP The size command would get the size for file /home/ftp/test/testfile.txt not /test/testfile.txt .Sh "chmod($mode,$file)" .IX Subsection "chmod($mode,$file)" chmod's a file. .Sh "modtime($file)" .IX Subsection "modtime($file)" Gets the modification time of a file in \s-1YYYYMMDDHHMMSS\s0 format. .Sh "size($file)" .IX Subsection "size($file)" Gets the size of a file in bytes. .Sh "delete($file)" .IX Subsection "delete($file)" Deletes a file, returns 1 or 0 on success or failure. .Sh "chdir($dir)" .IX Subsection "chdir($dir)" Changes the cwd to a new path from root_path. Returns undef on failure or the new path on success. .ie n .Sh "mkdir($dir, $mode)" .el .Sh "mkdir($dir, \f(CW$mode\fP)" .IX Subsection "mkdir($dir, $mode)" Creats a directory with \f(CW$mode\fR (defaults to 0755) and \fIchown()\fR's the directory with the uid and gid. The return value is from \fImkdir()\fR. .Sh "rmdir($dir)" .IX Subsection "rmdir($dir)" Deletes a directory or file if \-d test fails. Returns 1 on success or 0 on failure. .Sh "list($dir)" .IX Subsection "list($dir)" Returns an array of the files in a directory. .Sh "list_details($dir)" .IX Subsection "list_details($dir)" Returns an array of the files in ls format. .Sh "stat($file)" .IX Subsection "stat($file)" Does a normal \fIstat()\fR on a file or directory .Sh "test($test,$file)" .IX Subsection "test($test,$file)" Perform a perl type test on a file and returns the results. .PP For example to perform a \-d on a directory. .PP .Vb 1 \& $self->test('d','/testdir'); .Ve .PP See filetests in perlfunc (commandline: perldoc perlfunc) .Sh "open_read($file,[params])" .IX Subsection "open_read($file,[params])" Opens a file with IO::File. Params are passed to \fIopen()\fR of IO::File. It returns the file handle on success or undef on failure. This could be technically be used for any sort of open operation. See IO::File's open method. .Sh "close_read($fh)" .IX Subsection "close_read($fh)" Performs a \f(CW$fh\fR\->\fIclose()\fR .ie n .Sh "open_write($fh, $append)" .el .Sh "open_write($fh, \f(CW$append\fP)" .IX Subsection "open_write($fh, $append)" Performs an \f(CW$fh\fR\->open(\*(L">$file\*(R") or \f(CW$fh\fR\->open(\*(L">>$file\*(R") if \f(CW$append\fR is defined. Returns the filehandle on success or undef on failure. .Sh "close_write($fh)" .IX Subsection "close_write($fh)" Performs a \f(CW$fh\fR\->\fIclose()\fR .ie n .Sh "seek($fh, $pos\fP, \f(CW$wence)" .el .Sh "seek($fh, \f(CW$pos\fP, \f(CW$wence\fP)" .IX Subsection "seek($fh, $pos, $wence)" Performs a \f(CW$fh\fR\->seek($pos, \f(CW$wence\fR). See IO::Seekable. .ie n .Sh "utime($atime, $mtime\fP, \f(CW@files)" .el .Sh "utime($atime, \f(CW$mtime\fP, \f(CW@files\fP)" .IX Subsection "utime($atime, $mtime, @files)" Performs a \fIutime()\fR on the file(s). It changes the access time and mod time of those files. .SH "AUTHOR" .IX Header "AUTHOR" David Davis, , http://teknikill.net/ .SH "LICENSE" .IX Header "LICENSE" This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. .SH "SEE ALSO" .IX Header "SEE ALSO" \&\fIperl\fR\|(1), Filesys::Virtual, Filesys::Virtual::SSH, Filesys::Virtual::DAAP, POE::Component::Server::FTP, Net::DAV::Server, HTTP::Daemon, http://perladvent.org/2004/20th/
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